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High quality cotton.
Cool wash and a hot iron to look after this beautiful accessory to your kitchen! 
£12.99 plus P&P

70 cm x 50 cm
The blackthorn is asleep, it looks stark against the snow. The rabbit is looking for the remains of green shoots and some berries to eat. In the branches of the Hawthorn the red berries hang like jewels, they are a very tasty find for the blackbirds.

The silence of the landscape is beautifully quiet in the snow. The wildlife of the hedgerow now forage for seeds and berries through the frosty cold days. The hedge is still teaming with life in winter. I love the dark colours of the damp branches against the russet reds of the leaves and also seeing the flash of a goldfinch as it looks for seed heads. I have studied the winter hedge on my morning runs and have aimed to capture in this image. Do hope you enjoy displaying this in your kitchen.

Winter hedge tea towel

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