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Art classes

I have a wide range of experience of teaching art & design.

My career has enabled me to teach graphics, print, drawing

and computer graphics in FE. I have also taught in alternative education, special needs and with underprivileged children.

I now offer 

Wild art classes on line and face to face sessions.

Afterschool art club classes with mixed media and drawing techniques to build confidence and creativity.

I host drawing workshops with wild art foraged material and nature art journaling.

Workshops ​

Watercolour, drawing, ink making and painting 

Artistic style and technique 

My works are varied and expressive. I have energy,

passion and enthusiasm. I love ideas making and

also problem solving. As an illustration artist I express

personailty, ambience and personality into my work.

As you can see I absolutely love colour, texture and

using different mediums and techniques. 



The murals I create are detailed, professionally finished,

transform any space and will last for years.

​Graphic Design & Illustration

My illustration and print work appears on murals,

greetings cards, and visual displays.





Design & Illustration

Art classes







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