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Thank you visitors to Staithes!

Thanks so much for visiting Shrimp Cottage this weekend!

I had my artwork and products displayed with the amazingly talented Karina Wiles and

Gill Kirk artist of JackAlbert and Gill2 Gallery of Pateley Bridge!

If you purchased an original painting, a tea towel, a card, print or a notebook I say, "thank you!" I am so very appreciative and pleased you like my work enough to buy it!

Gill and Karina kindly sold my work on my behalf as I was poorly this weekend, so couldn't attend this amazing festival! I have avidly watched the vidoes, the photos and posts remarking on how wonderful it has been!!

My work "Evening Sun on Allotments" sold (see below), a favourite of mine because of the colours! I just loved how the leaves on the hedge, and the greens of the nettles glowed!!

I have lots of original artworks all mounted up and ready for the most perfect frame. They have also been printed on to the most superb organic cotton as teatowels and some as cushion covers too!! So I will be posting more about these as the weeks go on into Autumn.

I know Shrimp Cottage looked very impressive with all the beautiful artwork on display by the photos and messages from friends! So thanks so much to Gill and Karina! For being such brilliant friends!

I will add photos of my artwork to this website and you can look at my work closer.

I have details of my work, also here about projects I am involved with and you can find out more about my workshops too!

I am having another day to recover so will be resting tomorrow.

However in thw eeks to come there will be news of my work at fairs and events as we approach that season to be jolly.

I will be back to work on on Tuesday at Masham Town Hall, Ripon, North Yorkshire with an Art Group focusing mostly on watercolours.

This is a friendly group and welcomes newcomers if you are local and fancy an indepth weekly guidance on this fantastic medium.

Wednesday will take me to Applegarth Primary School, in Northallerton, where I host a lunchtime art club for young Artists.

If you would like to follow me on instagram then you will see my A day in the life of an Artist, I posy about everyday life as a self employed artist, sometimes very funny, sometimes I am creating but mostly celebrating nature, artworks and sharing the experience of beautiful places

Follow me at @wendiwobblelollipop on instagram

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